Corpus callosotomy

The idea of surgery may be frightening. But when other treatments fail to provide adequate seizure control, your doctor may recommend surgery to help improve your loved one's condition.

A corpus callosotomy In this surgery, doctors cut the nerve bridges in the corpus callosum (which connects the two hemispheres of the brain). This helps prevent epileptic seizures in one part of the brain from affecting both sides. is a procedure that cuts the nerve bridge connecting the two hemispheres of the brain. This bridge, known as the corpus callosum, is separated to confine epileptic discharges to one side of the brain. This might be helpful in reducing generalized seizures.1

Corpus callosotomy does not help reduce all seizure types

Although corpus callosotomy may be effective in reducing drop attacks, it does not work in all patients, and it usually does not help certain other seizure types.1 Complete freedom from seizures following corpus callosotomy is rare but can occur.2


LGS Treatment Option

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