Outside the home

Preparing your child for potential employment

To the best of your adult child's ability, having a job can help provide him or her with structure and a valuable sense of accomplishment. Once your child is finished with school, employment opportunities do exist. Regular as well as part-time and sheltered jobs can be viable options.

Jobs and Job training opportunities

Jobs and job training opportunities

An adult with LGS will need help transitioning to a working environment. Here are a few ways to find help:

Vocational rehabilitation services

Each state has different vocational rehabilitation services, and most provide some form of employment counseling as well as help finding a job. Vocational rehabilitation counselors can link you to a job developer to find or create a job, or to help your child develop the skills needed for a job.1

Sheltered workshops and supported employment

Another option is supported employment in which the work environment is tailored to an individual's specific pace. Goodwill Industries is one organization that provides a supportive work environment.1

Person-centered vocational guidance

This is the practice of involving your family, friends, teachers, and providers in exploring vocational opportunities for your child. By discussing your child's skills, abilities, and interests, an employment goal can be worked out.1

other outside the home options to consider

Other outside-the-home options to consider

Day habilitation programs

Day habilitation programs provide activities for adults with developmental, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. Programs vary from state to state, but usually they provide a group of adults with activities within the community.1

Social services

A pediatric social worker can assist with securing the resources you need to help maximize the quality of life for your adult child with LGS, and to help him or her with the challenges of adulthood.2

Keeping your adult child's skills and interests in mind is important when considering his or her future plans.

Watch Transitions Of Care

Watch Transition of Care

See how care and concerns change as a child with LGS gets older.

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