Transition of Care

This video focuses on the changes and challenges families may face as a child with LGS moves into and through adolescence and adulthood. The conversation covers the switch from pediatric to adult medical care, changing living arrangements, and financial and insurance issues.

Featured in Transition of Care:

E. Steve Roach, MD

E. Steve Roach, MD

Dr. Roach is a Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. He is also Chief of Neurology at Nationwide Children's Hospital and President of the Child Neurology Society. Dr. Roach has been a child neurologist for 30 years and lends his professional experience and expertise to our conversation. Dr. Roach is a paid consultant of Eisai Inc.

Christina SanInocencio: Founder and President of the LGS Foundation

Christina SanInocencio

Christina is the Founder and President of the LGS Foundation. Her brother was diagnosed with LGS when he was 3. Christina brings her knowledge of LGS and experience of watching her own brother transition from childhood to adolescence and adulthood.

Samuel DeMarcus Warren III: Father of child with LGS

Samuel DeMarcus Warren III

Samuel is the father and primary caregiver of DeMarcus, an adolescent boy who was diagnosed with LGS at age 3. Sam joins the conversation to share the story of his son’s brave journey from LGS diagnosis to today. Sam inspires with his devotion to DeMarcus and hopes to find out more about the transition process from our experts so he can be better prepared for the future.

Marlene O'Haire

Marlene O'Haire

Our moderator, Marlene, expertly guides the conversation and helps participants share their experiences and expertise about the transition process. 


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