LGS videos

Watch videos that feature doctors, LGS specialists, and caregivers talking about ways to care for a loved one with LGS.

Transition of Care

Watch a round table discussion that focuses on the changes and challenges families may face as a child with LGS moves into adolescence and adulthood.

The Ketogenic Diet

Learn about the ketogenic diet and see how it’s helped Nadiya, a beautiful 7-year-old diagnosed with LGS.

Minute by Minute

Hear unique perspectives on LGS, its treatment, and care from doctors, experts, and caregivers.

Navigating the Storm

Get an introduction to LGS and hear tips and advice to help you care for a loved one with this disease.


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On the LivingWithLGS YouTube channel, you can watch these videos, post questions, voice opinions, and share experiences you've had with your child or loved one.

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